Many homeowners never even think about redoing their siding until issues begin to crop up, and that can be a major mistake that ends up costing them quite a bit of money in the long run. Your siding protects your home and all of your possessions, and it must withstand an incredible amount of wear and tear over the years. Here at Semper Fi Construction, we understand just how important your home’s siding is, and we offer a variety of services that are going to improve the form and function of your home.

Signs That Your Siding Is in Need of Repairs

Even though siding is designed to withstand the elements, it will be subject to quite a bit of punishment. In addition to harsh UV rays, it is also going to be bombarded with strong winds, heavy rainstorms, and moisture in the air. After a few years, you might begin to notice issues such as large cracks between the panels, rot, and small gaps around your doors and windows.

Older siding can also wreak havoc on your energy bills, and your heating expenses could become astronomical when the cold Illinois winters blow through. Depending on the extent of the damage, our team might be able to quickly repair the damage instead of replacing the siding. That being said, siding has a limited lifespan, and there will come a time when it needs to be completely replaced.

Replacing Your Siding

The overall time that it takes to replace the siding on your home or business depends on quite a few factors including the size of the structure and what type of siding is being used. Wood siding is very common around the Chicagoland area, but you might want to consider upgrading to vinyl siding when it comes time to work on the exterior walls. Vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and an excellent insulator.

Fiber cement is another common option as well, and both of those materials can easily be cleaned with nothing more than a garden hose or power washer. With the proper maintenance and upkeep, fiber cement and vinyl siding can easily last for multiple decades. During your initial consultation with our team, we can discuss all of the pros and cons of the various siding materials.

Give Your Home a Facelift

If you feel as if your home has become drab or aged, then updating the siding could be a worthwhile project. With an upgraded exterior finish, your home is going to look much newer, and that could potentially boost its value. Our experienced team of contractors can help you take care of this job within just a few days, and we are devoted to creating world-class results. As soon as the new siding is up, you might notice a distinct drop in your energy bills, and this popular upgrade could save you quite a bit of money in the coming years.

To learn more about all of our siding options, please call us today to set up a no-obligation appointment with one of our friendly and experienced team members. We can go over all of the pros and cons of the various siding products and help you find the material that is right for you.